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Our Wines

With a variety of wines for every taste palate, Wilhelm Winery is a must-see for every wine lover. Whether a first time visitor or a veritable connoisseur, you'll be sure to feel right at home.



White wines are made from a variety of grapes, in a variety of colors. They tend to be anything but a true "white" in a glass, instead they put forth a spectrum of color ranging from light straw with tints of green or yellow to a deep golden yellow. Often high in acidity, white wine differs from red wine due to the lack of tannins, the bitter part of the grape skin that gives red wine its characteristic color and taste. Since white wine is made with minimal skin contact, there is almost no tannin associated with the grapes. One very significant difference between red and white wine production is that, unlike with red wine which can be made from red grapes only, either white or red grapes can make a "white" wine.

The versatility of white wine is part of its charm.  


Deer Creek White

$14.15  |   750ml
$21.23  |   1.5 L

Sweet, big grapey aroma and flavor, native American grapes.

Deer Creek White Revel Box

$34.43   |   3 L

Sweet, big grapey aroma and flavor, native American grapes.


$18.40 |   750ml

Soft fruity flavor, semi dry finish, crisp mouth feel.


$15.33   |   750ml

Semi dry crisp flavor, excellent dinner wine with poultry and seafood.

Seyval Blanc

$15.33   |   750ml

Dry white, delicate, with a touch of oak and a crisp finish

White Essence

$17.92   |   750ml

Semi-Sweet, asti style sparkling wine.This is a seasonal selection and very limited.  Get yours today before they're gone!


$14.15  |   750ml

Fragrantly fruity, moderately sweet delicious Delaware flavor.

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