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Our Wines

With a variety of wines for every taste palate, Wilhelm Winery is a must-see for every wine lover. Whether a first time visitor or a veritable connoisseur, you'll be sure to feel right at home.



"Blush" wine is a broadly used name given to wines that vary in color from pale pink to a pale apricot to a pale salmon. Blush wines are made two ways...either red grapes are pressed and fermented as juice...this stops the transfer of the skins dark pigments to the juice and continues to be processed as a white wine...or the winemaker can create a blush wine by blending a white wine with a red wine. We have one of each process.


Breann's Hope

$16.51  |   750ml

Breann's Hope is a delicious middle of the road blush wine. It is also our donation wine every bottle sold we will donate one dollar of the proceeds to The Yolanda G. Barco Benevolent Fund.

Pink Catawba

$14.15   |   750ml
$21.23  |   1.5 L

This pretty pink wine is the perfect companion for everything from picnic to special occasion

Sunrise Blush

$14.15  |   750ml
$21.23  |   1.5 L

Sweet, soft and flavorful with a light citrus tone.

Revel Box SR Blush.JPG

Sunrise Blush Revel Box

$34.43   |   3 L

Sweet, soft and flavorful with a light citrus tone.

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